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The proposed method allows to ensure complete disinfection of any premises from any kind of pathogenic microflora, pests and the smell of rot.

1. Disinfection of industrial premises.

To carry out the decontamination process, MEP equipment is installed in production facilities. You can disinfect any premises, for example:

- medical institutions;

- livestock farms, poultry houses, bee hives, zoos;

- storage of agricultural products, industrial facilities.

2. The technology allows to provide an optimum mode of storage of museum values, books in libraries, antiques, etc.
2.1. Disinfection of premises from mold fungi and other microflora and pests destructive to preserved objects is carried out;

2.2. The optimum moisture regime of the stored objects is maintained, for this, according to the indications of the installed humidity sensor, they are either dried or, if necessary, moistened. The equipment is installed in rooms for permanent operation and operates in the automatic control system with feedback.
3. Other opportunities.
The technology allows decontamination or complete sterilization of any premises, equipment, objects, for example:
- medical instruments and equipment;
- production tanks;
- Vehicle.