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The technology used includes complex processing of seeds and plants at various stages of vegetation in cultivated areas by an electromagnetic field with specified parameters using a generator.

The technology does not violate the usual plan of agrotechnical measures used in the given area and increases the profitability of production due to the following factors:
- saving of seed material, incl. by increasing the germination and energy of seed germination;
- reduction in the first year - in two, and in the subsequent - ten times the cost of mineral fertilizers;
- a reduction of at least 50-90% in the cost of acquisition of funds for combating diseases and pests.

Application of the technology increases the quality indicators and yield of agricultural crops by 30 - 80%, depending on the type of crop and the specific conditions of a particular farm.
The technology provides loosening of the soil and restores its natural microbiological background, which accelerates root formation and contributes to the preservation of moisture in the soil. At the same time there are no cracks on the soil, vegetation periods are reduced by 7-15 days.

Seed material and areas processing by the modulated electromagnetic field is carried out without contact by installing the generator in the immediate vicinity of the object being processed for a specified time (20 to 30 minutes). The cultivation of sown areas is carried out from the cars on which the generator is located. Generator power supply in this case is carried out from the car battery.
Agrotechnical measures. Terms, content and goals
1. Soil cultivation after harvesting
Processing is done after harvesting.
The purpose of the treatment is the accelerated decomposition of cellulose stubble, the formation and accumulation in the soil of macroelements with the simultaneous disinfection of the soil and the prevention in the future of root rot of plants.
2. Processing the area before sowing
Processing takes place 7-15 days before the expected date of planting the main crop.
Objective - sterilization topsoil (against diseases, pests, preventing root rot), weed provocation with subsequent destruction before sowing the main culture.
3. Complex presowing seed treatment
No more than 10 days before sowing, complex processing of seed material by electromagnetic fields is carried out.
The goal - bioelektrostimulyatsiya to improve the speed and vigor, as well as decontamination, protection from pests and diseases of plants and providing for an initial period of vegetation necessary nutrients.
4. Complex treatment of areas after emergence
Treatment is carried out within 1-6 days after emergence.
The goal of treatment - foliar fertilizing, protection against diseases, root rot replacement of fertilizer, stimulating growth processes, loosening the soil.
Cultivated areas are subjected to remote electromagnetic processing.
5. Complex processing in the period of beginning of budding
Processing is carried out in 3-5 days from the beginning of budding.
The goal is non-root dressing, ensuring pest safety, replacing fertilizers, stimulating growth processes.
Cultivated areas are subjected to remote electromagnetic processing.
6. Complex processing of plants at the beginning of flowering
Processing is carried out within 7-10 days after the beginning of flowering.
The goal is non-root dressing, ensuring pest safety, replacing fertilizers, stimulating growth processes.
Cultivated areas are subjected to remote electromagnetic processing.
7. Treatment of plants before harvesting
Processing is carried out at the beginning of a mass opening of the boxes.
The goal is to protect against diseases, pests, integrated top dressing, improvement of the quality of yields. Cultivated areas are subjected to remote electromagnetic processing.
A detailed schedule of work, the technique used, the way of processing seeds and sowing areas are determined at the site of work based on local conditions.