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The influence of the electromagnetic field on biological objects, both micro- and macrostructures, allows to carry out a whole complex of measures for the prevention and treatment of animals, the disinfection of premises where animals (including "tired"), feed and water are kept, indicators of production efficiency.

The use of our generators does not have a damaging effect on the chromosomal apparatus of cells, which is of fundamental importance.

The combination of different operating modes causes changes in the cell wall and cytoplasm of bacteria, fungi and other protozoa, leading them to the state of plasmolysis, plasmoptosis, or forming transitional forms of protoplast.

Studies carried out in laboratory conditions with isolated colonies of various microorganisms, as well as the impact of the generator on environmental objects (air, water, etc.), indicate an invariably sharp decrease in colony-forming units of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, various species of proteus, fungi genus candida, bacillus ceres, subtilis, fungus penniculium, mucor, rhizopus, aspergillius, fumigatus and the like.

The effect on the macroorganism is more complex and indirect.

Bioelectrostimulation of reflexogenic zones is carried out, which, in turn, changes the mechanism of energy exchange between individual cells and organs, restoring hormonal and biochemical parameters.

Possible impact in two ways: stimulation and oppression.

At the heart of the therapeutic effect is the difference in the biopotentials of cells of healthy organs and systems, damaged cells and structures, in particular, malodifferentiated, unorganized tumor cells.

Thus, the generator is used in the treatment of malignant and benign tumors, tuberculosis, bronchopulmonary diseases, gastrointestinal and urogenital tract diseases, leukemias, peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, ulcerative enteritis and colitis, infertility of 1, 2 degrees of different genesis.

In addition, there is an activation of the bowel auflore.

Examination of patients with dysbacteriosis showed that after 3-4-fold treatment of generators, the eubiosis normalizes in 100% of cases.

In the process of processing, electromagnetic waves are applied to the premises where animals are kept, food and water given to them, as well as to the animals themselves during the entire period of their cultivation and use. When choosing the optimal impact programs, the following factors are taken into account:

- species and breed;

- age;

- condition of premises;

- composition and quality indicators of feed and water;

The purpose of exposure may be the death of disease pathogens, incl. salmonella and staphylococcus, the restoration of the normal state and functioning of organs and tissues, the increase in the assimilation of certain substances, and / or the decomposition of toxins, the increase or decrease in the content of any substances and elements in feed and water, and any other result that is necessary to increase production efficiency products.

General principles and practical approach to the introduction of integrated technology to increase production efficiency in livestock, poultry and fish farming.

1. Basic principles of technology.

The basic principles of implementing the proposed technology are:

- complex processing of forages;

- pasture processing;

- Integrated water treatment for animals and birds, as well as water bodies, where there are fish and waterfowl;

- disinfection of premises where animals and birds are kept;

- ionization of air in rooms;

- processing of animals, birds and fish at all periods of their development (for example, starting with the treatment of pregnant sows (cows) throughout the life of the animal).

Thus, the technological complex has the following aspects:

- placing the animal, poultry, fish in the conditions most favorable for its development (healthy parental livestock, absence of pathogenic microflora, balanced, non-toxic, ecologically clean high-nutrition feed, clean air (in particular, low ammonia content in the air), absence of causative agents diseases (for example, flies), absence of stress factors, in this case, high productivity is realized.

- if the above conditions are met within certain limits, additional activation of the organs and systems of the organism of animals, birds, fish, as well as providing the body cells with nutrients necessary to further increase their productivity (weight gain, milk yield, egg production, fat quality, meat, milk, eggs, fur, wool, etc.).

- in the production process, no hazardous chemical substances are used, as well as side effects of medicines and supplements (including hormonal preparations) and feed containing the above components. As a result, absolutely ecologically pure products with high taste qualities are obtained.

2. Practical approach to the introduction of technology

In accordance with the above principles, taking into account the real technical possibilities of their application in the conditions of a specific production, an individual plan for the integrated or phased implementation of the technology is prepared. The technology is flexible and can be implemented in the whole production simultaneously or in parts and in stages in separate sections as the necessary technical capabilities (for example, the conditions for processing the feed generator and adding a biologically active drug) are introduced. It is permissible to use separate elements of complex technology, which also leads to an increase in production efficiency.

As a result of using the technology, for example:

- in the premises in 5-10 times the ammonia content is reduced, there are no mold and fungal raids on the walls and ceilings, the air is purified, the smell of ammonia is hardly felt;

- animals and birds completely lack pulmonary, skin and gastrointestinal diseases, there is practically no case and culling, and no medications are used; at constant work (from 3 months) there are no diseases of rhinitis, leukemia, tuberculosis;

- when using a full range of medical and preventive measures (disinfection of premises, processing of animals and mixed fodders), the weight gain in pigs is increased by 20-25%, the egg-laying capacity of the bird by 20%, milk yield in cows is within 10-15%, milk does not sour during minimum 3-5 days at room temperature.