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We have developed and applied an economically profitable integrated technology that ensures the extension of the storage of agricultural products. Its use makes it possible to reduce the losses in storage, meat, sausages, meat, fish, dairy products by at least 80%. The effect is achieved due to the complex remote action of an electromagnetic field of weak power on provoking rotting and spoilage of microorganisms. Thus, the stored products not only do not deteriorate, but also do not lose weight due to drying out. The proposed technology has the following advantages:

1. To use this technology, there is no need for additional conversion of storage facilities, re-packaging and other changes in storage and transportation of products, as well as additional ventilation

2. There is a simultaneous improvement in the quality of the preserved products, neutralization of nitrates, nitrites and other harmful inclusions.

3. The safety of the products is ensured without the use of preservatives and other chemical reagents.

4. There is no loss in weight due to drying.

5. Disinfection of the stored products is carried out simultaneously.

6. Disinfection of the premises and containers in which the products are stored or transported from mold fungi and other harmful microorganisms occurs, the smell characteristic of such premises is reduced or practically absent.

The impact of a weak electromagnetic field generated by special equipment is harmless to the human body, which is confirmed by the corresponding hygienic certificate.

The equipment is reliable in operation and compact. In a short time it can be installed in your premises. The effect of his work will be noticeable already the next day after installation.
The company guarantees uninterrupted operation of the equipment for the entire validity period of the concluded Contract on any volumes of products and customer's areas. The quantity and quality of the products stored for the entire period of the Contract validity is guaranteed.
The cost of the service is determined on the basis of the following conditions:
- the area and condition of the warehouse or other premises of the customer;
- volumes, condition and type of stored products;
- planned period of service provision.
For large enterprises, it is possible to develop an individual project for the location and use of a complex of mobile and fixed installations to ensure safety and improve the quality of manufactured products, with subsequent warranty service.
Based on the above data, the representative of our organization compiles an estimate of expenses and issues an invoice for payment of services.
It is possible to extend the shelf life without deteriorating the quality indicators with disinfection of all types of agricultural products, including fish, meat, milk in refrigerators, warehouses, markets, shops, including during transportation.

Possible consideration of the sale of know-how. It all depends on the price offered.