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Our company suggests implementing a new technology to restore the natural structure and fertility of soils.

The technology allows to restore the physical and chemical parameters of the soil, its natural microbiological background, to disinfect from the pathogenic microflora. The use of technology makes it possible to efficiently clean and restore areas that have been contaminated with oil products or substances with similar properties.

Due to electromagnetic processing in the contaminated areas, the natural background of useful soil microflora is restored, vital activity of soil-forming microorganisms and animals is activated, the structure, agrochemical and agrophysical properties of soils are normalized.

From the soil are derived toxic residues of previously used chemical agents that inhibit the development of useful biomass. Even such as Agent Orange (a mixture of 1: 1 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) 2,4-D and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T), which, like other substances ( Agent Purple, Agent Pink, Agent Blue, Agent White and Agent Green) because of the simplified synthesis technology contained significant concentrations of dioxins that cause cancer and genetic mutations in people in contact with them.

On each type of soil, the vital activity of soil-forming bacteria and lower plants normal for this type of soil in this region is normalized.

The humus content in the soil is increasing. There comes a dynamic balance of intertwining processes of humification and mineralization of organic substances, both in the soil and systematically entering it. That is, soil fertility is increasing.

Light soils increase moisture capacity, water retention capacity. Consequently, the leaching of nutrients from the plow layer is reduced, the nutrition of plants is improved, and their resistance to drought is improved.

Heavy soils improve water and air permeability, increasing the amount of available moisture. The soil becomes more friable with a fine-lumpy structure. A reduction in the non-capillary porosity resulting in stagnation of moisture on the surface is prevented. On the soils treated on the proposed technology, the resistance of cultivated plants to unfavorable external factors increases. Plants are better tolerated by drought and frost.

Also our company possesses the technology to increase the efficiency of growing forest plantations, incl. in ecologically unfavorable areas with contaminated soils. The technology is based on the complex treatment of forest plantations by electromagnetic fields. Thanks to the method of complex seed preparation (ie, their selection and subsequent complex processing), the initial qualitative growth is sharply accelerated, which allows immediately planting seeds of ornamental shrubs, various tree species, perennials and annuals into open or protected soil bypassing nurseries during their cultivation.

A new method for improving the survival of grafts and propagation of trees in orchards, vineyards and forests is also proposed.