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A new low cost and complex storage technology has been developed for the processing or the implementation of accelerated, high quality drying and processing of wood without changing the color, size and strength.

The core of the method of the used technology is the removal of free and bound moisture from the wood cells by means of directional effects to stimulate the non-contact electromagnetic field.

The technology makes it possible to achieve an accelerated, high-quality drying of any quantity of different types of wood in the open short term production with minimal cost of drying per unit.

The proposed technique can both increase the effectiveness of existing drying systems or create new ones, and applied in various stages of manufacture of wood products and their operation.

Advantage of the Technology

1.  In applying the proposed technology the deformation of wood cells is significantly decreased, which is, in the revoking of the bound moisture from the wood (when reducing the moisture content below 30%) is almost no change in the linear dimensions of the wood (shrinkage). Similarly, the wood has a lower water absorption after drying.

When sawing of wood with high quality, the output increases by 7-10% (no need to make allowances for shrinkage);

- Furthermore, it is possible to require the resulting material for the manufacture of quality furniture, parts and designs, the high precision for the compounds to be used;
- In the production​​ of wood, where the drying was carried out with the proposed technology ​​, there is no change in the future of the linear dimensions depending on the humidity.

2.  The drying time is reduced twice and at the same time product quality is improved and costs of drying are reduced at not less than 50%.

3. The proposed new method of drying the wood brings more high and further reduction in specific energy consumption of process plants. The energy consumption for heating of heat carriers, timber, drying ovens is also reduced.

Lumber with previously known techniques (thermal convection, vacuum, microwave currents, aerodynamics) requires a lot of energy - 200-250 KW / h per cubic meter.

The proposed technology in the optimal mode sees the drying of the production at a temperature of 20 - 30 degrees Celsius, the electricity consumption at the offered equipment - no more than 70 watts per cubic meter for the entire period of drying, it'll also reduce electricity costs for the ventilation.

4. Simultaneously to the process of wood drying is the process of disinfection of mold and fungus and the destruction of saprophytic hyphae in offering high resistance to the latter after drying and an increased resistance to rot.

5.  As technology allows avoiding the harsh, high temperature during drying is a fast, defect-free process and ensures the drying of the wood with full preservation of the natural, physical and mechanical properties of wood, including its strength, color and texture of the resin in the wood. That is to ensure quality for all categories of drying:

- Full strength retention under static bending, stretching, compression, separation and division;

- Complete absence of change in color of the wood (darkening, turning to yellow, etc.);

- Kein Verziehen, Rissbildung, Mikrorisse im Innen-und Außenbereich des Holzes. The technology enables the drying of wood with low moisture, ie with much lower internal stresses than the known drying chamber.

6.  The processing of logs and sawing wood in the fall, spring and summer season ensures the preservation of the quality of the wood to processing. It avoids the contamination by microorganisms that destroy the wood and the color can change. In this way one can ensure the long-term storage of wood without changing its color and other quality characteristics.  The technology enables the drying of crops and saw logs in the cortex in the fresh air until the moisture transport. This avoids the cracking of the production which is then produced.

7. The devices can be installed in industrial applications, where floor coverings, furniture and other wood products are made to prevent the removal of moisture from the wood from the area.

8. The effects of the devices used in the process are harmless to health and have no negative impact on the environment. This can be confirmed  by the certificates and decisions.